Pawan Kalyan kissed and pampered me : Ravinder

Sujith-ravinder-pawan-kalyanThe guy Sujith alias Ravinder who created sensation approaching the State Human Rights Commission (HRC) saying that he is the eldest son of megastar Chiranjeevi, acted in Pasivadi Pranam and ready to undergo DNA test, went ahead to say that Chiranjeevi’s brother Pawan Kalyan has kissed & pampered him .

Ravinder speaking to a local channel said that, Pawan Kalyan has pampered him , kissed him and even took photographs in his childhood . He say, He is doing this not for publicity or for something else. He want to stay close with his parents . He said he is a writer by profession.

By his version it’s clear that this guy is deliberately doing mudslinging act, just to damage the image of Chiranjeevi .

Point one: Why ? Ravinder instead of approaching Chiranjeevi, directly approached HRC to claim himself as Chiranjeevi’s son

Point two: Ravinder said that , Like former governor ND Tiwari, Chiranjeevi is caught red handed. If Ravinder tends to son of the star , why would he make such a statement ? …Other than to defame the mega star.

He demanded Chiranjeevi to accept his fault and accept him as his elder son.