Pawan Kalyan is Power star or Political star?

pawan-737373Pawan Kalyan is Power star or Political star? is the latest criticism from a section of media over his recent tweets on social networking site on present developments in the Telugu states.

Congress Ex- MP Ponnam Prabhakar criticized Pawan Kalyan for arousing the people to get votes in Andhra region at the same time criticizing K.Chandrashekar Rao which in turn transformed into 5k-10k votes in favour of TRS in every constituency in 2014 elections. He alleged that Pawan took remuneration from BJP to read scripts given to him . He also demanded to reveal the remuneration taken for election campaign.

The media which criticised Pawan for not reacting , has now staring criticising the actor for delay in his reaction. It said, Poplits is not a part time job, it should be the breath of a politician.

TRS MLA also criticised Pawan for not reacting immediately. Congress leader said, he is a cinema star and during elections he was been used as star campaigner by taking remuneration.

The media criticised Pawan for not following up HUdHud cyclone victims. He also did not follow up on land pooling issue ,said the TV5 channel.

It criticised for taking Nelson Mandela’s name in Pawan’s tweets. It said Nelson Mandela never compromised for any thing and agitated against the whites on all occasions, But Pawan is advising to follow compromising approach to the CM of both Telugu speaking states citing Mandela as example.

The people who came to question should not become a question, advised the TV5 channel.