Pawan Kalyan is Irresponsible ?

Publicity plays a mighty role in movie’s final result.When our star heroes shoulder the publicity part, it will have certain effect on the final figures.Though Gabbar Singh is raking the box office with sensation,Pawan Kalyan’s non participation in the publicity is raising criticism from few corners.Earlier there were few reports that inspite of Harish Shankar’s coaxing to come infront of media, Pawan decided to stay away from any kind of publicity.

It is responsibility of the hero to take the movie into public.Though Pawan Kalyan movies need no intervention from anyone, Pawan’s presence would have had a significant value addition.Though Panjaa ended up as a miserable movie, his interview during Panjaa managed to pull extra crowd to theaters.When Mahesh, NTR and Charan get too busy to publicize even average products,Pawan’s zero show is a serious bane to producers.Now Gabbar Singh might not require any publicity, but given Pawan’s enormous craze, if he gets into publicity he has the ability to generate more profits for even his average movies, hope Pawan understands this logic.