Pawan Kalyan is an Accidental actor

pawanPower Star Pawan Kalyan’s interview by Anupama Chopra has explored the real Power star .

Pawan Kalyan without any hesitation says that, He is an accidental actor, who actually wanted to be a farmer.

Just a common man He is very bothered to potrate  his reel life character in real life, He says, In film so many big lines in films are uttered But how come He don’t follow through in real life ? This bothered Him and Choked Him.

Speaking about films He said, It is so tiring to make an Indian film as they want everything and that too in the right proportion. He too go crazy.

Speaking about his long bread He say, When He’s not shooting, He read like a beast & grow his beard.

He said, He is focusing on films right now because He has to do films to sustain himself. But in a few years , He will give it up.

He rule of Life is that, “Do your duty and disappear ” is his mantra and He doesn’t think about anything beyond that.