Pawan Kalyan is a superlative leader

rp_pawan-kalyan-300x224-1-300x224-1-300x224-1-300x224-300x224-1-300x224-1-300x224-1-300x224-1-300x224-1-300x224.jpgControversial director Ram Gopal Varma made some interesting comments on Pawan Kalyan,calling him a superlative leader.

He tweeted ..”I am super sure that Pawan Kalyan will be the ultra ultimate Kaapu Kaase Shakthi of the entire telugu people.Pawan kalyan is the kind of a superlative leader who is a very very kamma gaa kaapu kaaase shakti.By Kamma gaa I meant as in sweet and not in context of Kaapu and Kamma as castes like some malicious minded people seem to be thinking ” (sic)

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