Pawan Kalyan hurts Mahesh Babu

According to present trade trend publicity plays a vital role for movie success , An average movie can be a hit and hit can become super hit. But when it comes to Pawan Kalyan he never follows this kind of trend. He never like to influence people with pre release hypes or post release fakes.
He believes that if content is good , cut out is enough to grab collections. He never came on TV channels stating that I am No:1, My movie is Super Hit, Broke record Officially like other heros.

Pawan Kalyan is very different from other heroes has created sensation with his Gabbar Singh . Recently when Director Harish Shankar went to Pawan’s place as courtesy visit  to congratulate him  and had disscussed regarding Gabbarsingh success . Pawan Kalyan said ” If movie is good people will watch otherwise they wont ..Publicity is not necessary”.

Observers say, Even though its a causal statement but the first man who feels  guilty and hurted  from above statement would be  Prince Mahesh babu as the words are meant for him especially.