Pawan kalyan hits back at Siddharth Nath Singh

pawan-kalyan-siddharth-nath-singhJanasena chief Pawan Kalyan hits back AP BJP state in-charge Siddharth Nath Singh, who criticised him do some political studies on the Constitution and Law & Order before commenting on BJP.

In reply Pawan Kalyan tweeted..

“I have only one question to ask ‘Sri Siddarthnath Singh Ji'(In charge of AP affairs) How come leaders of such vast political experience & constitutional expertise of your Party ended up with a monumental blunder like ‘Demonetisation’ which killed countless innocents for no fault of theirs.

Respected sir, I advise you not to Patronise me and if you still feel like doing so, confine it to your own Party men.” (sic)