Pawan Kalyan hints political parties about his next move

uddanamJanasena chief Pawan Kalyan who gave a clear solution to neglected patients suffering from chronic kidney diseases (CKD) in Andhra Pradesh’s Uddhanam region in Srikakulam, is likely to take next social issue which is a major concern for the women.

Pawan Kalyan reached to the convention center for Uddanam a, few hours late to met the Professors and researchers from Harvard University in Vishakapatnam and he mentioned the reason for coming late. The reason was, he was stopped by some ladies on the way and gave him a placard to show in the convention center of the Uddanam.

He carried the placard and said, he was asked by women to show the placard in the meeting, which read ‘No Liquor Shops in Residential Areas’. He said He would take up the issue some other time, giving a hint to the ruling party and the opposition party about his agenda.