Pawan Kalyan goes out of shape

pawan-kalyanAlthough Pawan Kalyan may not be the most desirable person like Mahesh Babu, who always maintains his glamour and shape. But Pawan Kalyan regarded as Demi-God among Tollywood heroes for his

But for an actor , Perfect body shape is most important . Right from the begining of his career , Pawan Kalyan maintained a good physique, which was inspiring to everyone . But now ,Pawan seems to be gone out of shape .

Shockingly, His recent pic reveals that, Pawan Kalyan has put on much weight and his tummy bump  tells the fact that the actor gone out of shape .

However, Close sources of the actor say that, Pawan has reportedly put on some weight for his ‘faction lover’ role in his upcoming film to be directed by Dolly.