Pawan Kalyan get his own Media Channel

99tvThe two media channels, which were set up by the left parties in the media, went into the hands of other managements. Within a few days, the two channels went to different owners. The news that the Janasena party leader, Chandrashekhar, bought the 99 TV channel launched by the CPI. On the other hand, Nimmagadda Prasad bought 10 TVs launched by CPM.

The CPI-launched 99 TV which has been working hard for its survival. The channel management was facing difficulties financially. There have been long attempts to sell the channel . .

Janasena chief Pawan Kalyan wanted to have his own media organization to put his party’s voice. However, in this context, the information about the Chandrasekhar has bought 99 TV channel.Chandrasekhar already took the channel’s responsibility for three days. Chandranchekar took the channel ownership and there is strong buzz that Pawan Kalyan was behind it.

On Thursday, the new ownership held a meeting with 99 TV channel employees. Already 99 TV channel is running with the low staff. The Janasena and Left parties have decided to contest the next election in the coming days.