Pawan Kalyan gaining sympathy with Sri Reddy

pkJanasena chief Pawan Kalyan is gaining sympathy after actress Sri Reddy abused him using most vulgar language.

Hero Manchu Vishu took to twitter and gave a piece of advice to her He tweeted, “My prayers for all having their 15 minutes fame on TV; Politicians or actors or wannabe actors; Kids watch the TV, restrain your language and action. Please!” (sic)

Nithiin tweeted “For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction…just wait for it….its coming!!!” (sic)

Kona Venkat tweeted My soul is hurt ….. but no words, no negative campaigns, no personal attacks and nobody can touch my soul mate !!! He’s on a bigger mission ✊” (sic)

On the other hand, Pawan arch rivals also condemned such kind of criticism.

RGV tweeted “Any act of rebelliousness will always shock people and they will negatively react to the rebel as a person rather than trying to understand the cause behind it ..This is true of Che Guevara @MsSriReddy and also @PawanKalyan Its unfortunate but unavoidable in today’s times ” (sic)

Kathi tweeted, “I don’t support abuse of any kind on anybody. I prefer dialogue and discussion. Even argument is ok. But surely not abuse and name calling.”(sic)

Buzz that there is strong political agenda behind defaming Pawan Kalyan by a strong political party which has teh support of a section of media channels.