Pawan Kalyan focused more on Comedy !

Pawan kalyan is one of the best heroes known for perfect comedy timing. In fact, his ease in giving necessary punches was seen most of the times in his past movies like ‘Kushi,’ ‘Thammudu’ or ‘Tholi Prema.’ Once again, Power Star is going to pepper his comedy maigc with ‘Gabbar Singh.’ Perhaps, director Harish Shankar is an expert in making audience sit for two and hours in theatre without offering any boring moments. The same was seen in low contented ‘Mirapakay,’ where the USP was entertainment, entertainment and only entertainment.

When it comes to ‘Gabbar Singh,’ sources say that along with affirmed content there is even a quality hero like Pawan. An expert like Satish Vegeshna, protege of EVV Satyanarayana is also roped in development of few changes to ‘Dabangg’ script so that Pawan can get full scope to exhibit his histrionics. With immense positive talk in film circles, there is every chance of Pawan unleashing himself to shake the BO in next two weeks. So, get ready for a fun ride with Pawan in the name of ‘Gabbar Singh.’