Pawan Kalyan fell in KCR’s trap : Revanth Reddy

rp_revanth-reddy-300x279-1-300x279-1-300x279.jpgTelangana Congress leader Revanth Reddy has reacted on the comments made by Jana Sena party Chief Pawan Kalyan on TRS government.

He said Pawan Kalyan has fallen into the trap of KCR and made positive comments. He said Sonia Gandhi has divided the state based on usage of electricity and 54% power was allocated to Telangana and 46% to Andhra Pradesh. It’s because of Congress power reforms and power projects, the state of Telangana has become an ellectricity surplus state.

He said Farmers never asked for 24 hours power supply what they asked was 9 hours continuous quality power supply in the morning. He would send a book written by BJP leader Raghu to Pawan Kalyan and said the actor lacks information in this regard.