Pawan Kalyan fans violates Pawanism

pawan-fans -clashPawanism is a constructive way of handling a problems without getting disturbed by jobless forces and also giving strong message to those forces with their moral actions . But the Bheemavaram incident has violated all norms of Pawanism , creating a terror in the town in late hours on wednesday.

Actor Pawan Kalyan fans instead of handling the situation peacefully and maturely when some miscreants tore the flexies of Pawan Kalyan . They have ran through their emotions and gave a violent reply by tearing all the flexies of other heroes in the town and attacking the house of suspects . They showed their anger coming out on streets and pelting stones on the houses of persons whom they suspect were behind the incident.

Even police could not control the situation at one point , they have deployed extra force to control the fans and disburse them. Pawan fan across the towns came in thousands . They held a protest in the late night .