Pawan Kalyan fans slaps back with Pawanism !

Power Star Pawan Kalyan fans showed to the world the real meaning of Pawanism . Pawanism is a constructive  way of handling  a problem with getting disturbed by jobless forces and also give strong message  to those forces with their actions . That’s what Pawan did with his recent 3rd marriage  controversy and his fans followed his foot steps.

TRS , Osmania students and some other jobless hero fans sketched a plan to get rid of Pawan Kalyan by disturbing his latest movie “Cameraman Gangatho Rambabu” with a single agenda in minds , They feared if Pawan Kalyan strikes again with CGR they would all fall in danger politically as they thought that Telangana movement might get defused,  Is Telangana Movement that weak ? and  at the  same time some other hero fans felt that Pawan image might overshadow their hero’s image in Tollywood,  Is that hero’s image that shaky? . Osmania students have burnt reels of the movie at ‘Aradhana’ theatre in Hyderabad to create panic among distributor Dil Raju and director Puri Jagan. But the reels burnt there are fake ones as the theater runs in a digital version (QUBE format), All credit goes to Pawan Fans to bring such out facts to limelight.

Fact is clouds cannot stop the Sun for long time, Pawan’s CGR bounced backed despite of disturbances , The movie’s collections are rocking like never before. All credit goes to Pawan Kakyan fans who handled the situation maturely without being got away listening to their emotions. They gave a slapping answer to all those forces with the movie collections and at the same time organised blood donation camps to show their solidarity to their hero. The blood donation camps got good response from fans and are planning to organize camps state-wide.

Do not see the problem with magnifying glass, it looks huge. Take all problems lightly, don’t give much importance , but keep a strong belief  in mind that problem will be solved …Thats what Pawanism means and a true way to lead life.