Pawan Kalyan fails to create political Heat

rp_pawan-kakinada1-300x196-1-300x196-1-300x196-1-300x196-300x196-1-300x196-1-300x196-1-300x196-300x196.jpgJanasena chief Pawan Kalyan tweets for last four days on Cow SLaughter, Rohit Vemula suicide, Patriotism and AP special statues issues could not generate the required heat in political and media circles.

All those issues seems be outdated now and the response for Pawan tweets are not so encouraging. Even media did not give wide coverage to his comments. Pawan targeted only the BJP , but the part is not in a mood to react.

It leader Kishan Reddy openly said, His party doesn’t need to react at all. However, AP leader Kambhampati Hari Babu said, BJP is not involving in Universities issues. It was APex court which told its opinion on national anthem, its not BJP.

While other BJP leaders seems to be restraining themselves from reacting to Pawan remarks. BJP leaders feels that all these issues are now irrelevant to present day political scenario.

While CPI-AP Secretary K Ramakrishna questioned the BJP’s silence over Pawan Kalyan’s remarks.