Pawan Kalyan extends support to KCR’s Third Front

kcr-pawanJanasena chief Pawan Kalyan has extended his support to Telangana chief minister K.chandrasekahar Rao initiative to have a Third front at the centre as an alternative to Congress and BJP.

He said KCR has all the qualifications and capacities to run the third front at the national level.He believes in KCR’s leadership. Pawan Kalyan has announced that he will give full support to the formation of the third front. He said, CM KCR has strong contacts across the country and the understanding of issues and he is a strong leader. Pawan Kalyan praised the Chief KCR who led the Telangana movement without falling for a decade and a half without violent situations.

Pawan Kalyan thanked CM KCR who supported the special status of Andhra Pradesh. AP people have been enthusiastic about special status, KCR support has given a strong strength to all. KCR’s love for Telugu people has proved once again as there is no need to talk about the AP.

Pawan Kalyan said that there is no split between the people despite a split in the state, the mutual cooperation in the fight against the Center for achieving rights should continue. If Telangana supports the Visakhapatnam Railway zone, they will support the Bayyaram steel factory and cooperate with each other. Following the partition of the state, Telugu people have come to know that KCR has made it possible for Telugu people to stay together in Telangana.