Pawan Kalyan expose TDP over Kadapa Steel plant

pkJana Sena Chief Pawan Kalyan expose the ruling TDP over establishment of Kadapa Steel plant which was mentioned in bifurcation act.

Addressing a press meet Pawan said, It was TDP government which refused the establishment of Kadapa steel plant when Jindal company was keen to setup and came forward with a proposal. He say he has the report of Jindal.

He alleged that some TDP leaders who are now making agaitations for steel plant rejected the proposal of Jindal because the ” Term & Conditions” and ‘Benefits’ were not in favour of TDP leaders. Unless TDP leaders get some benefit, they are not allowing to set up factories.

Govt should create an environment for the development but the leaders are asking commissions and percentages. They are responsible for the delay in the actual process.