Pawan Kalyan Ex-wife Renu Desai responds

renuJanasena chief Pawan Kalyan Ex-wife Renu Desai responds to sexual abuse of the Children in India. She took to Facebook and posted.

She posted ” Asifa, Nirbhaya, Unnao, etc
These humans had only one thing in common. They were female.
Different ages, different religions, different backgrounds.
Their only mistake was that they were female.
Last few days I have been speaking to various lawyers, one senior social service person and a police personal too.
All had only one thing to say.
Do as much outrage on social media or on roads but till the government doesn’t pass a legislation that puts the fear of God in the hearts of the rapists, the rapes will not stop.
Every few months we hear of a brutal rape and we all outrage in person or on social media but nothing changes because the mindset of the citizens and law makers has to change first.
So, till the time our government doesn’t take the concept of rape seriously trust me you and me cannot do anything other than protest virtually and personally.

All we can do till then is keep our female family members and friends as safe as possible.
*Keep them safe where that also I don’t know because brutal rapes happen within homes too!
*( a father in Mumbai last week was arrested for raping his two young daughters for few years)” (sic)

Renu is yet to respond to Actress Sri Reddy vulgar comments of Pawan Kalyan.