Pawan Kalyan drops his Gun !

Pawan Kalyan’s love towards guns was seen on screen since Badri movie in 2000.
Ever since, he has been using gun in almost all his movies in atleast one scene.
Even in a romantic movie like khushi, pawan used a gun in climax.

Director Puri Jagannadh, who made pawan hold a gun for the first time in Badri, once joked that ‘it is easy to convince pawan kalyan, if your script allows hero to carry a gun with him’.

But now, for the first time, pawan will be facing political and strong opponents in a movie and he will not be using any gun.
Puri Jagan has designed Rambabu’s character in such a way that, he will use only his brains to fight the evil around him and this movie, ‘Cameraman ganga tho rambabu‘ will bring back vintage pawan kalyan for his fans.

Puri is making all preparations to start this movie’s regular shooting from next month and release in october 2012.