Pawan Kalyan dominates at Julayi audio

Pawan Kalyan – The name itself is enough to pass high votage current. Every time, the fans see someone stepping inside the auditorium they assume it as Pawan and go berserk chanting his name all the time. Even the guests who has come to wish the Julayi team, got down from the stage only after speaking a few words about Powerstar. Pawan Kalyan is the only one who can create such an impact, even in his absence. Which other star in the Industry has got this aura?

“Every time a big sound in heard, the Industry believes that it’s Pawan Kalyan. You can’t become a star just by saying punch dialogues, doing terrific dances and performing powerful fights. It’s an inbuilt quality, which Pawan babai alone has. Except Pawan, all heroes have insecurities. That’s why, despite GS being All Time Hit he didn’t want to announce records. He is a Real Star,” an excited Bunny opined.

Looking at the entire audio launch, one could get a feel of attending a felicitation ceremony of a Legend. It’s once again proven that Pawan Kalyan is beyond anything. Anyone can love him and anyone can hate him, but no one can stop him. Powerstar rules!