Pawan Kalyan demands AP govt to do justice on Aqua Issue

pawan-kalyan-14Jana Sena party president Pawan Kalyan demanded the Andhra Pradesh government to do justice to the farmers who are fighting aginst the set up of Godavari Aqua Food processing unit.

Pawan Kalyan wonders, why 144 section has been imposed in the villages?. He said, He is not against industrial development but setting up an Aqua processing unit in the fertile lands is questionable.

He said The government should rethink of relocating the Food court to the coastal area . He also urged the CM to set up a committee o look into this issue .He also urged the government to remove the cases against those who had been arrested .

He also advised the MP GokaRaju Ganga Raju to take PM Narendra Modi as Inspiration and support the people to keep the Godavari pollution free.

He assured that Jana sena will stand in support of the farmers, if the government doesn’t rethink on this issue.