Pawan Kalyan declares war on section of media

media-baronsActor-politician Pawan Kalyan on Friday declares war against a section of media for targeting him and his family.

Point out the names of the TV news channels Tv9, ABN and Maha TV , He says For these Channels “Legality of Prostitution” is more important than “Special Category Status”; hence, most of the time spending in defaming him.

He posts a pic of four big personalities of the dream team who openly got his mother abused in public got mileage and TRP also…Interesting fact, The current Dream team also has Mothers, sisters, Daughters, Daughters-in-law and all the women. But their women are secured and safe but my Poor, frail, ageing 70-year-old mother had to get abused for their TRPs and political benefits.

Pawan warns them to give the mother of all shows saying “You all love & die for Shows which will get highest TRPS for your channels, right??… Good !!I will give the Mother of all Shows.”

He also revealed ” Mahaa News TV, which is funded by MP Sujana Choudhary Garu or his binami will also face the consequences for abusive programs on my Mother. Including CEO & Murthy Garu”. Srini Raju owns 88.69% of TV 9 Investor who makes money out of slander campaigns on public misery will understand in the days to come what he has done. Srini Raju happens to be a close relative of Satyam Ramalingam Raju Garu ..Incidentally, Srini Raju happens to be related to Dir.Ramgopal Varma also, says Pawan.

Pawan tweeted ” I appeal to all jansainiks to be quiet and don’t indulge in any violent acts..From tomorrow onwards SriniRaju is going to put a defamation case on me but you please restrain yourself. And I am also going for a long and powerful legal battle on these channel heads.”