Pawan Kalyan criticise Center over Chilli crisis

rp_pawan1-300x212-300x212-1-300x212-1-300x212.jpgA great Mirchi crisis is rocking Telugu states even after the central government has announced 5000 support price per quintal.

As Chilli stocks piling up in Guntur, Warangal and Khammam Mirchi Yards. Janasena leader Pawan Kalyan in a statement criticized the central and the state government for announcing the marginal; supporting price for Chilli.

He questioned how far it is right to buy only 88,300 Metric Tonnes in AP and 33,750 Metric Tonnes in Telangana. He demanded the center to treat both the states Telugu states equally and buy 88300 Metric Tonnes in Telangana too.

Center announced that each quintal in AP and Telangana will be purchased for Rs 5,000. Additional Rs 1,250 will be offered in the form of overhead charges such as packaging.