Pawan Kalyan corners BJP on Rohith Vemula Suicide

pawan-rohitJana Sena supremo Pawan Kalyan continues his slamming on BJP over issues that he mentioned yesterday.

On the day one, he criticized the BJP over Cow Slaughter and today he focussed on Rohit Vemula suicide.

He tweeted ,” 2/1 There is no doubt that Rohith Vemula hates BJP like many millions of individuals.but that doesn’t give them a license to harass individuals who don’t align or against them and that too when his form of protest was within the democratic means.this applies to any group or party not to BJP alone.

2/2 Even if Rohith Vemula had said something in haste about saffronisation with his university rival groups, Center could have just seen it as a part of the ongoing student’s ideological disagreement. And if their rivalry was causing law & order issues then they could have let then concern authority to enforce the disciplinary measures. But center took it personally in this case for reasons unknown.

2/3 So the punishment meted out to Rohit Vemula through suspension & alienation from this campus driven him to suicide and also due to lack of much needed moral support from within his own group made him more vulnerable.

2/4 May be Rohit Vemula’s anger and disappointment stemmed out from the realization of non-existent egalitarian society. A proper student counseling with a humane approach would have saved an intelligent student who was of philosophical in nature.

2/5 The most tragic part of Rohith Vemula suicide was When Anti-BJP parties were busy proving that Rohit was not a Dalit. But all of them have forgotten to answer,’How to prevent such young lives from committing suicides in future?..out of despair, disappointment and resentment..’

2/6 I Hope for a day ‘where our universities will be more known for ‘Academic Excellence” than the ‘Battlegrounds’ for Political parties. ” (sic)