Pawan Kalyan completely dependent on Trivikram

Power star Pawan Kalayan and director Trivikram srinivas  has become unattachable buddies as most of the Pawan Kalyan’s career decisions are taken by Trivikram now a days.

Trivikram has turned into a mentor for Pawan Kalyan , If any one wants to narrate any script they have to pass through Trivikram before they can see Pawan Kalyan. Basically Trvikram is a director and story writer too, that the reason he always tends to find faults in other directors who come to narrate the scripts.

Earlier days, Balakrishna used to blindly depend on astrologer Satyanarayana Chowdary for taking all decisions of his life , In the same way Pawan is been made to depend on Trivikram for every single decision, It is heard that  Trivikram made Pawan Kalyan to perform some homas, Yagnas and other spiritual rituals , thus making Pawan to act on his directions.