Pawan Kalyan behaving like Paid Artist of Chandrababu


pawan-kalyan -naiduYSRCP leader Ambati Rambabu has turned into TRS official spokesperson demanding AP chief minister Chandrababu Naidu to reply to the same questions which were earlier posed by TRS leaders in cash for vote case.

He said, Naidu should tell whether the voice in audio tapes is his voice or not?, Is he boss of Revanth Reddy or not?, Whether Naidu has sent those 50 lakhs or not?, Instead of answering to these questions Naidu is raising Section 8, UT and phone tapping issues, alleged Ambati.

Speaking about Jansena president Pawan Kalyan, He advised the actor not to behave as paid artist of Chandrababu Naidu. Commenting on Pawan Kalyan’s Twitter comments on present burning issue like cash for Vote and phone tapping , Ambati expressed wonder on Pawan’s statement “Tegedaaka Laagoddu” , He questioned, what is there to drag the issue to that extend ?.

He said that, Pawan do not have thorough understanding over the present developments in the Telugu states. He criticized Pawan for comparing with Nelson Mandela . He said, It not correct for the actor to come out whenever he remembers or awake from sleep.

Pawan din’t even kept his promise on land pooling issue as the actor stated that he would stand along the farmers, added Ambati.