Pawan Kalyan No: 1, Mahesh Babu No:2

According to  confirmed reports, Power star Pawan Kalyan is going to receive this massive remuneration for Gabbarsingh.  Though it cannot be said if he would get the same kind of remuneration for other forthcoming films, reports in circulation confirm that for ‘Gabbar Singh’ he is getting Rs. 20 cr.

Pawan Kalyan wanted to remake the Hindi chart buster ‘Dabang’ himself as his earlier films ‘Komaram Puli’, ‘Theen Maar’ and ‘Panja’ had bombed at the box office. However, on second thoughts he wanted to financially help Bandla Ganesh who made ‘Theen Maar’ with him and lost heavily. So he gave the rights for the remake to Ganesh, who made the film as ‘Gabbar Singh’. When the film was made the two had not even discussed about the remuneration as it was a do or die venture for both.
 Now with the film becoming a major hit, it is going to make a massive profit of Rs. 40 crore, suggest reports. As Pawan has provided him the opportunity to make this film which he himself would have made otherwise, Bandla Ganesh proposed to give half of the profit to the Power Star, say latest reports.
Thus Pawan Kalyan will occupy the Number one position as the highest paid hero ever followed by Prince Mahesh Babu who was paid around 10 crores including profits share of Businessman.