Pawan Kalyan attacks TV9 Ravi Prakash

pawan-kalyan-and-ravi-prakashJana Sena chief Pawan Kalyan continue his attack on a section of Telugu media for defaming him over Sri Reddy abuse controversy.

Pawan Klaayn targeted TV 9 channel for telecasting the Sri Reddy abuse video without following the Journalism norms and self-restraint over the content telecasted. Pawan Kalyan asked the so-called TV heads to take the opinion of their family members over the video.

He took to Twitter to post, #SriniRaju@TV9 show this video to your mother,wife & daughter & kindly convey the achievement of your TV9, check how you increase your family wealth. … Mrs.RaviI Prakash Gariki Namaskaralu!! Your husband is a GoodMan Amma. But make sure to keep away your kids from TV9 programs.. you might think why? Please show the following video.

He also posted a video where a TV worker falls on the feet of Ravi Prakash for pardon. and asked the Ravi Prakash , Can you explain people the story behind that poor man?