Pawan Kalyan attacks BJP on Cow Slaughter

pawan-kalyan-cowJanasena President Pawan Kalyan takes on BJP mistakes on the issue based through social media, He has chosen 5 issues to corner BJP. On the very first day , Cow Slaughter was his agenda.

Pawan Kalyan posted, “Janasena  had supported the BJP and TDP alliance in 2014 elections in both AP and Telangana, but also supported BJP in Karnataka, would like to communicate the BJP led Central govt on the following issues.
1. Cow Slaughter
2. Rohit Vemula Suicide
3. Patriotism
4. Demonetization
5. AP Special status

On the issues stated, the following are the key points which I have gathered from various groups comprising of Intellectuals, senior political leaders, distinguished journalists and above all people at grass root, who believe and voted for BJP.

Cow Slaughter and Beef Ban
It a Divisive political tactic to create a scare in the communities who consume it and to arouse sentiment amongst the communities who respect and worship the cow.

If truly they would have meant it, they could have implemented Beef Ban in Gao where BJP rules.

BJP could have banned their party workers, MPs, and MLAs wearing leather footwear and belts .etc.

And finally, to0 do ‘Cow Protection’ they could have unveiled a plan to adopt a cow by each and every worker of BJP party.

Such measures like this would have given that required serious regarding ‘ Cow Slaughter’.” (sic)