Pawan Kalyan assurance to Undavalli farmers

pkPawan Kalyan, Janasena’s chief, assured the farmers of Undavalli that they should go bravely for their lands and not be afraid of anyone.

Pawan met the farmers who were struggling with the steps taken by the government in the name of land acquisition. He examined their fields. Later, he met them face to face in the crop fields and asked about their problems. Some farmers said that they were allowed to take permission to go into their fields with the Aadhaar card and section 144 was in force.

After hearing the problems of farmers, Pawan said, “What are we? social activists and terrorists? Why is 144 Section on Farmers? Is this democracy ?. If such actions take place it leads to dictatorial rule said Pawan. He suggested that the farmers should not be afraid of anybody and they should move boldly into their fields. Ensure that Janasena will stand up to the farmers.

He said We want Chief Minister Chandrababu to change his rules. Janasena did not come to flee anywhere. It’ll be here. We will be in Vijayawada in Amravati. We’ll not be scared of land acquisition law and remain silent. we will come on the roads and settle the things. Pawan Kalyan, Janasena and farmers are ready for any thing.M ake a decision by putting Grams Sabhas. Give equal assistance for assigned land under the 2013 Land Acquisition Act. This land belongs to God. Volunteer come forward. Let’s get arrested, Janasene is with you, “Pawan said.