Pawan Kalyan 3 phase tour in Telugu states

pk-janaActor and founder president of Jana Sena, Pawan Kalyan, will launch his tour of Telugu states to give fresh oxygen to Telugu People who are in disappointment.

Pawan released a song ‘Chalo Ray Chalo Ray Chal’ and will tour two state in three phases from tomorrow. In the first phase he will examine and study the problems of the people. In the second phase of the tour he will be discuss with the government on the solution of the problems.If the problems are not resolved, the third phase will be a agitation phase.

A student mentioned the boat accident in the Krishna river in Andhra Pradesh and because of state government’s negligence 21 lives are lost in the boat accident. Are you not responsible for for questioning as you have extended your support to TDP during the election campaign? “The student asked Pawan. Pawan said The question was reasonable, the boat accident and the privatization of the Dredging Corporation taken by the central government . Pawan blames himself responsible in the suicide of company’s employee Venkatesh and that’s the reason Pawan will be meeting Venkatesh’s family.

Osmania student Murali’s suicide is evidence of the political consequences of the political parties and governments who are not hoping to do so. The governments are responsible for ensuring that there is no hostility and frustration among the youth. He said “I appeal to the youth not to be disappointed and Take their valuable lives and do not let the grief to your parents. Fight and grab opportunities”.

Pawan Kalyan made it clear that his party will continue to meet Ambedkar’s expectations who has written a chapter in the constitution for the future of the youth.