Pawan instructed to remain silent !!

Power star Pawan Kalyan once again proved as a true ‘Gentleman’, despite of such sensational and sensitive issue, he remained silent and it’s understood that his fans were also asked to remain silent on this ‘Connection’ issue because he knows; it’s just a wild plotted rumor.

According to sources, Public Relations officer of Pawan Kalyan said, Pawan Kalyan instructed his PR machinery to remain silent and leave the issue. Now this is a hallmark of a genuine and an honest human being. This is not the first time fans of other star heroes targeting Pawan Kalyan and others mega heroes to malign their image. But its time they realize and understand they cannot tarnish the aura of “Mega” and the more these gossips spread about mega heroes, the tougher they become.

Whatever, the fake(ish) acts cannot stay for a long time, it may be collection records or ‘Connection’ rumors.