Pawan and Mahesh in list, others go out of scope !!

With the changing business trends in Tollywood a lot of discussions going for Number Uno contenders race, when a movie crosses 40 crores marks that hero joins Big League list, but following present scenario its not just the 40 crores mark criteria, they are other factors such as Individual Fan base, Carrying whole film on their shoulders, Being a Role model, Popular among all classes like A, B, C. and off course Grip on the overseas market are the factors to be considered for Big league list.

According to present trends it not the 40 crores mark, But if a movie cross 50 crore mark and the same time touch at least $1+ Million at USA then that hero can be considered for Big League. Without all that, it would be very silly considering each and every jack for Big league considering the fact even a housefly (Eega movie) without hero was welcomed by audience to become a benchmark film crossing 40 cr. With these factors only two heroes have qualification to be in Big league. They are Mahesh Babu and Pawan Kalyan.

Both have high range in domestic and overseas markets. The other heroes don’t really have that. Unless other factors also don’t come in, other heroes are not able to score in overseas. But Mahesh and Pawan have market advantage here. Both in Nizam are very strong. In overseas, Mahesh has got an edge over Pawan. But in Ceded, north Andhra and other parts of Andhra Pawan are leading and Pawan Kalyan has huge fan base over Mahesh babu.

While the other heroes like NTR  has Individual fan base and other qualifications but his films never reached 50 crore mark, Next Ram Charan He has no Individual fan base  and also  don’t have other qualifications mentioned . Last but not least Recently, Allu arjun’s name was mentioned with his recent hit Julayi , Fact is even Bunny does not carry individual fan base or other qualifications mentioned. With all these factors only Pawan Kalyan and Mahesh Babu are considered to be Kings of Tollywood to occupy the No: 1 slot and become Emperor of Tollywood.