Pawan advise not to mortgage Telugu people’s pride

Jana Sena president and powar star Pawan Kalyan slammed ta BJP and Congress for failing to accord special status to Andhra pradesh.

Addressing a meeting in Tirupati He lashed out at Andhra Pradesh Congress MPs for their ‘Ghulamgiri,’ to their High Command. He hailed Congress MP Jairam Ramesh, who was elected from AP for bifurcating the state. Pawan Kalyan has asked people to applause him and said Thank You sir in a satirical way.

He said, Are the Andhras in the pockets of Sonia and Rahul . He questioned Are the Congress MPs who were in last government were shameless ?. He advised the past and the present TDP , Congress and BJP MPs , not to do Ghulamgiri before Delhi leaders. He advised them not to mortgage Telugu people’s pride before Delhi leaders.