Paritala family gets CID clean chit in Suri murder case

The Crime Investigation Department has given a clean chit to former minister Paritala Ravindra’s family and its private army in the killing of Maddalacheuruvi Suri, though were allegations that they were involved. The allegations were that Suri was killed in retaliation of the murder of Paritala Ravindra by his gang.

“The probe didn’t find any involvement of MLA Paritala Sunita or Ravindra’s associates like Chaman and Pothula Suresh in Suri’s murder. Bhanu (who was arrested for Suri’s murder) didn’t act on the behest of any politician to kill Suri. Bhanu carried out the murder fearing that he would himself be killed,” (by Suri),” said CID chief S.V. Ramana Murthy.