Panneerselvam revolts against Sasikala

paneerA Political drama being played out in Tamil Nadu, CM  O Panneerselvam revolts against Sasikala. He paid homage to late AIADMK chief and TN CM, Jayalalithaa at her memorial on Marina Beach . He sat in a meditation position with his eyes closed.

He said, He had performed my duty without any shortcomings and carried forward path shown by Ammaa. When Jayalalithaa was in the hospital she asked him to take over as CM. He was given the CM post but insulted continuously.

He said, He was forced to resign, At a meeting at Sasikala’s place senior party leaders were present&question of her being CM came. He then asked how far was this justified. Party leaders told him to take initiative towards making Sasikala CM that’s how he was forced to tender resignation.

He said, Jayalalithaa’s soul called out to him that’s why he wants to share some truths with AIADMK Official cadres. He said He will take back my resignation if party workers and people ask him to.

OPS delivers strategic blow with the backing of Centre. Sasikala Natarajan will not be sworn in as Tamil Nadu CM on Wednesday. TN Governor Vidyasagar Rao won’t go to Chennai tomorrow.Panneerselvam to remain interim CM until Governor examines legal implications regarding Sasikala’s application.

Apparently 87 MLAs out of 133 MLAs are on OPS side now. Tomorrow more drama will unfold and eventually entire AIADMK will shift to O.Paneerselvam.