Jagan cries about punching

In Mahabharata we find Pandavas who are 5 in number , Now in present scenario there are 5 which are troubling Jagan . Thay are none other than  TDP, Congress, Eenadu, Andhra jyothy and TV9. Jagan  in an interview to English news channel said all these 5 are  punching him on his face.

Today is a black day, worse than the Emergency in India said YSR Congress president YS Jaganmohan Reddy in a press release. They have made a mockery of democracy. Going purely by allegations, the CBI has frozen the bank accounts of Sakshi newspaper and TV channel. A newspaper that is number 8 in the country, with a circulation of 14.5 lakh according to ABC figures adds Jagan.

The press release goes like this: ‘I want to ask if Sakshi has no valuation at all. Who gave them the right to question the valuation of Sakshi? You did not question Eenadu’s valuation. Did the court find anything wrong with Sakshi or say anything adverse about Sakshi’s investments that you took this step? No one has the right to malign someone’s reputation like this’, said Jagan.

This is a plot hatched together by the Congress and the Telugu Desam to eliminate the competition. I want to ask why isn’t the CBI which is also probing the EMAAR case, interrogating Chandrababu Naidu.

After the land which cost 4 crore rupees an acre was allotted by Naidu for 29 lakh rupees an acre, setting aside all rules. Now the CBI questions Y S Rajasekhara Reddy’s decision to allot idle land in the backward districts of Medak and Mahbubnagar to Hetero Drugs and Aurobindo Pharma, without realising the allotment of land was made on condition that employment would be created.

Today, on similar lines, governments of Tamilnadu and Gujarat are giving land free of cost to attract investment. Yet the CBI points fingers at a dead man, who is not around to defend himself. Whatever the plan may be, God is there.

There will obviously be an impact on the working on the Sakshi newspaper and the channel, though not immediately. We cannot pay salaries if our bank accounts are frozen. We need the support of well-meaning media houses and mediapersons and we will try and garner as much support as we can.

Every employee of Sakshi understands what is going on. We are a family and we will fight it together. All my investment is in the paper and for those who claim I gained from it, I want to tell them that I do not even draw a salary from Sakshi.