Outlook regrets for satirical piece on Smita Sabharwal

simta848848484The Outlook magazine after facing criticism from all corners including journalist forums has expressed regrets for the satirical snippet titled “No Boring Babu” published in the ‘Deep Throat’ column of the magazine.

It said through its blog, Outlook wishes to clarify that the said piece was part of satire carried in the magazine in the usual course, was not intended to be derisive or derogatory, and was meant to be received in a lighter vein. That said, being conscious of sensitivities, Outlook has taken down the satirical piece entirely. Outlook expresses regret if any offence has been taken.

Even though it did not cite names or specifics, newspapers, TV news channels and websites have carried news of a legal notice purportedly issued by a bureaucrat in Telangana, although Outlook is still to receive it 36 hours since the media blitz was launched. the magazine’s correspondent in Hyderabad has been subjected to vile and personal attacks, and her physical safety has been threatened.