Out dated heroes of Tollywood !!

The Tollywood circuit has seen many actors coming and going but then there are also those actors who shot to fame like a comet but in no time, they came down tumbling. Today, while the young heroes are busy competing with each other to stay in the market, what about the following boys.

We are talking about the likes of Tarun, Uday Kiran, Varun Sandesh, Sumanth, Sushant, Nikhil and others. While they had their moments of glory, today they are struggling to get a film to act leave alone scoring a hit. And the cine circles state that not much efforts are seen from them to bag a project.

It is a fact that the mentioned actors have lost the market value and the public following. So, if they are keen on restructuring their career, they should focus on strong script based movies and groom themselves as better performers than anything else. Only time will tell whether they will pay heed to this advice or not.