Our heroines are not that cheap

None knows exactly on what kind of confessions bhanu kiran made before CID. But, media propagated on his alleged links with heroines like Anushka, Priyamani, Nikesha Patel and others. Perhaps, the main case of relevance on extent of Bhanu’s involvement in murder of Suri is sidelined with names of above mentioned heroines leaking out. Reacting on this, C. Kalyan spoke very harshly at Bhanu.

‘Our heroines are not that cheap. The ladies about whom Bhanu was speaking aren’t degraded to such extent. They will beat with chappal, if Bhanu comes before them. Do faces like Bhanu and Suri require heroines for enjoyment? I can say this even on face to face with Bhanu. For the moment, I have plans to make ‘Raktha Charitra 3’ in my own direction and production. Surely, a character of Bahnu will be there in the film.’