Osey Ramulamma roars on YSRC !

Osey Ramulamma  is back to action with a roar on YSRCP after her deep sleep  .

TRS Medak MP, Vijayashanthi roared for yesterday’s mess at Warangal by YSRC party activits . Vijayashanthi with a Lioness voice on Konda Surekha . She said if any such incident repeats next time , YSRCP will have to face severe consequences . People of Telangana will see that YSRCP party will not continue its padayarta in this region.

Vijayashanthi said YSRCP is injecting Rayalaseema Fraction-ism in Tealangana . Those who attacked TRS party office were brought from Ralayaseema all were fractionists. She warned all Telagana betraters will  have to face the heat of Telangana fighters.

Meanwhile murder attempt case was filed on Konda Surekha and her husband and TRS called Warangal bandh to stage protest tommorow for this incident.