Oscar Award for YS Vijayamma

Telugu Desam Party leader Shobha Rani has declared Oscar Award for the YSR Congress honorary president Y S Vijayamma “for her acting with glycerin-aided tears at losing her husband in an accident and having her son in jail”.

Talking to the media here on Thursday, she alleged that all the tears of Vijayamma were for winning the by-elections. She said that the good name Vijayamma earned as a good housewife had evaporated after she started supporting her son, who was involved in criminal activities. She posed some questions to Vijayamma and her daughter Sharmila.

Following are the questions posed by the TDP leader: “Is Jagan not responsible for all the scams perpetrated by the YSR cabinet and ministers individually? Is it the worry of Vijayamma that they are being persecuted though they have given shares to Delhi leaders? If it is so, why is she not staging dharna at Parliament or 10 Janapath (residence of Sonia Gandhi) instead of at their Lotus Pond residence? Why has Vijayamma, who is expressing doubts about her husband’s death, not raised the issue in the Assembly when she made her maiden speech? Why has not Jagan spoken about it in Parliament? Are YSR family members partners of the drama being staged along with other like-minded parties to damage TDP? Is it not true that they would merge the YSRC in Congress after the by-election drama? Has Vijayamma not got several files signed by her husband in favor of Jagan? Is it not true that YSR had cheated the farmers in the name of Jala Yagnam, handloom weavers in the name of loan waiver, industrialists in the name of incentives and officials in the name of postings for his family members? What is the Rajanna regime Sharmila is promising the voters? What benefit has accrued to people in that regime? Is it not true that YSR has given away thousands of acres in Bayyaram to Sharmila as dowry?”

Shobha Rani has alleged that Vijayamma and Sharmila are going from place to place changing their make-up and dialogues like village drama artistes. She has also complained that even the Election Commission was not taking any action against the Sakshi newspaper and TV channel though they were supporting the corrupt practices of Jagan. Alleging that Vijayamma also got several files favouring her son signed by her late husband, the TDP leader has demanded CBI probe on her also. She has cautioned the people against voting to the YSR Congress.