OS Distributor registers Hattrick Disaster with Sardar

idream-sardaar-gabbar-singhThe overseas distributors are disappointed for the third time after bagging the rights of the Pawan Kalyan’s film . KAD/ iDream Media have earlier distributed Pawan Kalyan’s Johnny and Gudumba Shankar and burnt their hands .

They thought of making huge profits through Sardaar Gabbar Singh , they have reportedly spent over 13 Cr to bagg the rights and the break even was set as 2.5 Million USD. However, Luck did not even favour them for the third time. Sardaar witness huge drop in collections on Saturday and it has reportedly collected $140K on saturday and the Total of $945,638 in USA. It is Expected to cross million by Sunday.

While The Exhibitors who bought local cities are in a deep shock with huge losses as the film was sold and bought for high rates, giving them 70% losses.