Oracle foresees ample rains

Along with adequate rainfall, the oracle predicted further increase in the prices of essential commodities this year during Rangam at the Ujjain Mahankali temple here on Monday. The two-day festival, which attracted lakhs of people to the nearly 200-year-old temple in Secunderabad, concluded with Rangam followed by a procession of Goddess Kali on a caparisoned elephant with Potharajus.

Standing on top of a wet clay pot in the sanctum sanctorum of the temple draped in a colourful pattu sari with tambora in her right hand, Swarnalatha, the 30-year-old oracle who considered the voice of the presiding deity, also expressed dissatisfaction with the pujas performed for Her. Rangam is performed by a jogini as per ancient rituals on the concluding day of the Mahankali Jatra. The jogini system, wherein girls were married to deities and forced into prostitution in the past, has been outlawed in the state. “The state will get sufficient rainfall and there is no need to worry, but farmers should be cautious and not go overboard; I will take care of my children,” she said.