Oopiri Movie Review – Endearing Bromance

Oopiri-PosterMovie : Oopiri 

Starring : Akkineni Nagarjuna, Karthi, Tamanna Bhatia.
Director : Screenplay, Vamsi Paidipally
Music : Gopi Sundar
Cinematography : P. S. Vinod
Editing : Madhu
Production : PVP Cinema’s
TeluguSquare.com Rating 3.5/5

Adithyaa group of companies  chairman, Billionaire, Fortune 500 listed Entrepreneur, Vikramaditya ( Nagarjuna )  turns quadriplegic patient after an accident during paragliding . Although he has frind Prasad( Prakash raj) and a secretary Keerthi (Tamanna)  but he misses something. He seeks helps and calls for interview ,  While Srinu (Karthi) is a small time criminal release on Parole, thrown out from his house by his mother Jayasudha, gets selected by Keerthi. Vikram has only money and his caretaker Srinu wants only money . Srinu falls in love with Tamanna.  How will be the bond between Vikram and sreenu?,  What is Vikram’s flashback?How Vikram solves the problems of srinu ?…forms story.


Nagarjuna deserves a big applause as this movie could be a classic and a feather on his crown. Although Nagarjuna as quadriplegic patient had limited scope , but he excelled with his facial expressions. Karthi is amazing with his comic timing with the rib ticklers such as painting snippets and the episodes with Tamanna. While Tamanna character lacks depth ,she was eye-candy with her gorgeous appearance. Prakash Raj, Kalpana in support role have done their job. Anushka , Adivi seshu and Shray cameo was good.


Cinematography of P. S. Vinod is a treat to eyes, especially the parisian portions where he gets to cover vast area.Aerial view shots of Europe is a treat to watch. Editing by Madhu give you feel that the film is laggy . Gopi Sundar’s songs makes impact but BGM is just okay.


Oopiri is a feel good drama embedded with emotions and refreshing entertainment , which teach you lot of good things and also make you feel of having a person close to you all the time. Chemistry between Nagarjuna and Karthi worked out great. First half is bit slow but good with comedy, emotions.

On the flip side, the length is definitely a big factor. 2 hours and 53 minutes tests everyone’s patience. Unwanted songs and placement of some melodramatic sequences could have been avoided. Infused Anushka love track was bad with Zero emotions and Overdose of sentiment scenes back to back tests patience.

With limited characters revolving around Nagarjuna, a new genre to Telugu cinema with no commercial elements. Its all about discovering and restoring true love,emotions and sacrifice. Director Vamsi Paidipally lends a fantastic crux of from the french film ‘The intouchables’ , adapts it pretty well to suite Telugu nativity and presented in a delightful way. The First Half is good & Second half is sentimental and the Climax is good and heart touching . Overall, Oopiri is classic experimental flick with a message that Happiness comes by making others Happy!!.


Strictly ‘no’ for Masala movie addicts