Only one star for Nandamuri future?

The mega family has got nothing less than half dozen stars in the lineup while the Akkineni family has about four heroes. However, one family which has been known for its film legacy has been the Nandamuri clan and it appears that the future of this family looks quite thin in terms of providing actors.

For now, Nandamuri Balakrishna is leading from the front and he is followed by young tiger Junior NTR. But many are asking, who after Junior NTR? Well, for now, the only prospect looks to be Nandamuri Mokshagnya. Of course, we are still not sure whether Mokshagnya would be interested to do films or not.

It would be another five years before Mokshagnya might arrive and by that time, Balayya would have retired as a hero while Jr NTR would have established himself as a superstar. Only time will tell if any other actor will emerge from the Nandamuri camp and take the legacy forward.