Only 4 hours interrogation for art director Chinna

chinnaNearly 12 people, including actors from the Telugu film industry, have been summoned in connection with the racket by the SIT of the Prohibition and Excise department.

Tollywood art director Chinna is the sixth Tollywood celebrity after Director Puri Jagannath, cinematographer Shyam K Naidu, actor Tarun Kumar, Navdeep and P Subba Raju, appeared before SIT officials.

Interestingly Chinna was interrogated for just 4 hours and no samples of blood, hair or nails were collected from the art director.

Chinna was reportedly questioned on the following
How did he get in a relationship with Drug peddler Calvin?
Since when he has been using Drugs?
Who else is taking drugs in the film industry?

Sources say Chinna might come out as a clean as MAA president Sivaji Raja has already mentioned that Chinna is innocent and do not have any bad habits.

Chinna did not even brief the media after coming out of SIT office.