Only 3 mins footage deleted from CGR ?

According to latest buzz,  In  Pawankalyan’s “Cameraman Gangatho Rambabu ‘ only 3 mins of footage is deleted as per the agreement that struck between the nizam distributor and the leaders who opposed the  film.  Rumors that some good deal was struck between a political party which is opposing the movie screening and the Nizam distributor Dil Raju and Dil Raju got some assurance from producers to compensated him if the movie does not reach the break even. The movie rights were sold for 11.5 crore and the movie already collected 8+ crore gross and share of  nearly 5 crore  in just 3 days of its release in Nizam despite of all these disturbances due to Telangana issue.

Meanwhile film maker BVS. Ravi confired that nothing was removed from the movie, He said that , The news that’s spread that more footage is deleted is just a speculation and can be rubbished as rumors. Enjoy CGR as before. 🙂