One more YSRCP MLA joins TDP

jayaramuluOne more shock to the opposition party of AP YSRCP, YSRCP Badvel MLA Jayaramulu joined TDP in the presence of chief minister Chandrababu Naidu in Vijayawada .

Jayaramulu said that He had joined the TDP for the development of his Badvel constituency as it is backward for years .He said , He has taken decision to join TDP for the interest of his people .

Earlier Four YSRCP MLAs and one MLC have switch their loyalties towards the ruling TDP. Interestingly Jayaramulu belongs to YSRCP chief Jagan’s own district.

TDP MLA Bonda Uma said,  This migrations is not last, it is going to continue . By the Assembly session , few more migrations are going to happen.